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Healthcare, Biotech & Pharma


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Healthcare, Biotech & Pharma


More complex challenges in the market and more dynamic changes in people’s lives require more demanding services and more efficient approaches. That’s the DNA of our group.


Our market view

The healthcare and pharmaceutical markets are continually developing due to chronic and lifestyle diseases, drug and equipment innovation, and the aging population. Hence, M&A WORLDWIDE and its experts are active in deals from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors as well as a large scope of the life science sector.

We have a strong team of M&A ADVISORS around the world in the Healthcare, Biotech & Pharma industries.

Market Outlook

Players to pursue category leadership
Investment capital to keep the deals flowing in
Oncology remains popular
Life-saving drugs more business attractive

Latest Transactions


Advisor Corporate Finance

Maurice Koopmans

Experience in M&A for more than 10 years. Involved in 100+ mid-corporate national and international valuations and deals. Industry expertise in Healthcare. ADR-specialist (mediation & negotiation).

Leader of Healthcare, Biotech & Pharma Industry Group.

Industry expertise:

Business services; Education and training; Government; Healthcare; Life sciences; Media, printing, and publishing; Real estate & facility management; Recycling; Security; Trade; Wholesale.


Alan Kelly

Chartered Accountant.
Experience in M&A for more than 15 years.
Involved in >mid-corporate national and international deals.
Industry expertise having worked in Commercial Roles in Technology, Distribution & Logistics in international companies.

Industry expertise:

Business services; Clean technology; Education and training; Electronics; Energy & renewables; Healthcare; Information technology; Telecom; Transport & logistics.



Bertrand Dufay

HSBC Global Banking and Markets: Corporate Coverage for Large Caps (CAC 40 or private groups) with a focus on Automotive (Renault / Michelin) and Healthcare (Sanofi / Servier).BNP Paribas Germany (Corporate & Investment Banking): Corporate Coverage on Mid Caps (Mittelstand)/Emerging Markets.

Industry expertise:

Automotive; Healthcare.

Managing Partner

Cigdem Bicik

Before founding MAWW Instanbul in 2006 Çiğdem worked in the Development and investment banking business for 17 years. She holds an MSc from Loughborough University a BA and MBA in Finance from Istanbul University and is a graduate of the German Gymnasium in Istanbul. She speaks fluent English and German.

Member of Healthcare Biotech & Pharma and also a member of the Consumer & Retail Industry Group.

Industry expertise:

Aerospace & defense; Agriculture; Automotive; Building & construction; Business services; Chemicals; Education and training; Electronics; Energy & renewables; Engineering; Financial services; Food; Government; Healthcare; Hotels & restaurants; Information technology; Life sciences; Luxury goods; Media, printing, and publishing; Plastics; Real estate & facility management; Retail and franchising; Steel, metal, and woodworking; Telecom; Textile & clothing; Trade; Transport & logistics.


Dider Busquet

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Holger Wiemann

Ph. Economics, Cologne, Munich, Paris.Over 25 years in media, digital, internet, software, health. More than 10 years of tech investments, board positions, consulting & restructuring, national & cross-border M&A. Managing Director and CEO of London, Paris, Corporate P&L responsibility exceeding 3-digit Mill. EUR

Industry expertise:

Education and training; Healthcare; Information technology; Media, printing and publishing.

Managing Director

James Solberg

 Solberg, Head of the Healthcare Group at MAWW Washington, has over three decades of investment and capital markets experience at Salomon Smith Barney and its successor organization, Citigroup. advising corporate clients in healthcare and other industries.

Industry expertise:

Healthcare; Leisure.


Executive Board Member

Didier Busquet

Didier leverages 29 years of experience and over 90 missions completed. Retail, services, and impact investing specialist.

Industry expertise:

Business services; Education and training; Food; Retail and franchising.
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